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5. The Table - Al Ma'ida

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. Believers, fulfill your obligations. It is lawful for you (to eat theflesh of) the beast among cattle other than that which is recited to you,hunting is forbidden while you are on pilgrimage. Allah decrees what Hewill.
  2. Believers, do not violate the rites of Allah, or the sacred month,or the offerings, or (those hung with) necklaces, nor those whose aim isto the Sacred House seeking from their Lord bounty and pleasure. Once yourpilgrimage has ended, you are free to hunt. Do not allow your hatred for anation who would bar you from the Holy Mosque to lead you to transgress.And cooperate in righteousness and warding off (evil), and do notcooperate in sinfulness and transgression. Have fear of Allah, for Allahis Stern in retribution.
  3. You are forbidden (to consume) the dead, bloodand the flesh of swine; also flesh dedicated to any other than Allah, theflesh of strangled (animals) and of those beaten, that which is killed byfalling, gored to death, mangled by beasts of prey, unless you find it(still alive) and slaughter it; also of animals sacrificed on stones (toidols). (You are forbidden) to seek division by the arrows, that isdebauchery. Those who disbelieve have this day despaired of your religion.Do not fear them, but fear Me. This day I have perfected your religion foryou and completed My favor to you. I have approved Islam to be yourreligion. (As for) he who does not intend to commit a sin but isconstrained by hunger to eat of what is forbidden, then surely Allah isForgiving, Merciful.
  4. They ask you what is lawful to them. Say: 'The goodthings are lawful to you, as well as that which you have taught the birdsand beasts of prey to catch, teaching them of what Allah has taught you.Eat of what they catch for you, pronouncing upon it the Name of Allah. Andfear Allah, Allah is Swift at reckoning.'
  5. The good things have this daybeen made lawful to you. The food of those to whom the Book was given islawful to you, and your food is lawful to them. Lawful to you (inmarriage) are the free believing women and the free women from among thosewho were given the Book before you, provided that you give them theirdowries in marriage, neither committing fornication nor taking them asmistresses. Whosoever denies the belief, his labors will be annulled. Inthe Everlasting Life he is of the losers.
  6. Believers, when you rise topray wash your faces and your hands as far as the elbow, and wipe yourheads and (wash) your feet to the ankle. If you are in a state ofimpurity, cleanse yourselves. But if you are sick or traveling, or, ifwhen you have just relieved yourselves or had intercourse with women andyou cannot find water, touch the clean surface of the earth and rub yourhands and faces with it. Allah does not wish to burden you, He seeks onlyto purify you and to complete His Favor to you in order that you maythank.
  7. Remember the favor of Allah upon you, and the covenant with whichHe bound you when you said: 'We hear and obey.' Have fear of Allah. Allahis the Knower of the innermost of the chests.'
  8. Believers, be dutiful toAllah and bearers of just witness. Do not allow your hatred for otherpeople to turn you away from justice. Deal justly; it is nearer to piety.Have fear of Allah; Allah is Aware of what you do.
  9. Allah has promisedthose who believe and do good works forgiveness and a great reward.
  10. Asfor those who disbelieve and belie Our verses, they shall become thecompanions of Hell.
  11. Believers, remember the favor which Allah bestowedupon you when certain people were about to stretch their hands towardsyou, but He restrained them. Have fear of Allah. In Allah let thebelievers put their trust.
  12. Allah made a covenant with the Children ofIsrael and raised among them twelve chieftains. He said: 'I shall be withyou and if you establish the prayers and pay the obligatory charity; ifyou believe in My Messengers and assist them and give Allah a generousloan, I shall forgive you your sins and admit you to Gardens underneathwhich rivers flow. Whosoever amongst you disbelieves after that, he indeedhas strayed from the Straight Path.'
  13. But because they broke theircovenant, We cursed them and hardened their hearts. They changed the Wordsfrom their places and have forgotten a portion of what they were reminded.Except for a few, you will always find treachery from them, yet pardonthem, and forgive; indeed Allah loves the good-doers.
  14. With those whosaid they were Nazarenes, We made a Covenant, but they have forgotten muchof what they were reminded. Therefore, We stirred among them enmity andhatred till the Day of Resurrection when Allah will inform them of allthat they have done.
  15. People of the Book! Our Messenger (Muhammad) hascome to clarify to you much of what you have hidden of the Book, and toforgive you much. A light has come to you from Allah and a Clear Book,
  16. with which Allah guides those who seek His pleasure to the Paths of Peace.By His permission He takes them out from darkness to the light, and guidesthem to a Straight Path.
  17. Those who say that Allah is the Messiah, sonof Mary are indeed those who disbelieved. Say: 'Who then could prevent anything from Allah, if He willed to destroy the Messiah, son of Mary,together with his mother and all the people of the earth? For Allah is thekingdom of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them. Hecreates what He will and has power over all things.'
  18. The Jews and theNazarenes say: 'We are the children of Allah and His loved ones.' Say:'Why then does He punish you for your sins? Surely, you are mortalsamongst what He created. He forgives whom He will, and punishes whom Hewill. For Allah is the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and all thatis between them. All shall return to Him.'
  19. People of the Book! After aninterval during which there were no Messengers, Our Messenger (Muhammad)has come to clarify (your religion) to you, lest you should say: 'Nobearer of glad tidings or a warner has come to us.' Indeed, there has cometo you a bearer of glad tidings and a warner. Allah has power over allthings.
  20. (Remember) when Moses said to his people. 'Remember, my people,the favors which Allah has bestowed upon you. He has raised up Prophetsamong you, made you kings, and given you that which He has not given toany one of the worlds.
  21. Enter, my people, the Holy Land which Allah haswritten for you. Do not turn back in your footsteps, lest you shall turnto be losers.'
  22. 'Moses,' they replied, 'therein is a nation of giants.We will not enter until they depart from it; if they depart from it onlythen shall we enter.'
  23. Thereupon, two pious men whom Allah had favoredsaid: 'Go in to them through the gate, and if you enter you shall surelybe victorious. In Allah put your trust, if you are believers.'
  24. Theysaid: 'Moses, we will never go in so long as they are in it. Go, you andyour Lord, to fight. We will stay here.'
  25. He said: 'Lord, I have nonebut myself and my brother. Set a barrier between us and the wickedpeople.'
  26. He said: 'They shall be forbidden this land for forty years,during which time they shall wander (homeless) on the earth. Do not grievefor these wicked people.'
  27. Recite to them in all truth the news ofAdam's two sons; how they each made an offering, and how the offering ofthe one was accepted while that of the other was not. He said: 'I willsurely kill you.' (The other) said: 'Allah accepts only from therighteous.
  28. If you stretch your hand to kill me, I shall not stretchmine to kill you; for I fear Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.
  29. I wouldrather you bear my sin and your sin and become among the inhabitants ofHell. Such is the recompense of the harmdoers.'
  30. His soul made it seemfair to him to slay his brother; he killed him and became one of the lost.
  31. Then Allah sent down a crow, which dug the earth to show him how tobury the naked corpse of his brother. 'Alas!' he said, 'am I unable to belike this crow and so I bury my brother's naked corpse.' And he becameamong those who regret.
  32. That was why We wrote for the Children ofIsrael that who ever killed a soul, except for a soul slain, or forsedition in the earth, it should be considered as though he had killed allmankind; and that who ever saved it should be regarded as though he hadsaved all mankind. Our Messengers brought them proofs; then many of themthereafter commit excesses in the earth.
  33. The recompense of those whomake war against Allah and His Messenger and spread corruption in the landis that they are to be killed or crucified, or have their hand and a footcut off on opposite sides, or be expelled from the land. For them is shamein this world and a great punishment in the Everlasting Life;
  34. exceptthose who repent before you have power over them. For you must know thatAllah is Forgiving, the Most Merciful.
  35. Believers, have fear of Allahand seek the means by which you come to Him. Struggle in His Way in orderthat you are prosperous.
  36. As for those who disbelieve, if they possessedall that the earth contains and as much besides to ransom themselves fromthe punishment of the Day of Resurrection, it shall not be accepted fromthem. Theirs shall be a painful punishment.
  37. They will wish to get outof the Fire, but they shall not, theirs shall be a lasting punishment.
  38. As for the man or woman who is guilty of theft, recompense them by cuttingoff their hands for their crimes. That is the punishment from Allah. Allahis Mighty, Wise.
  39. But whoever repents and mends his ways aftercommitting evil shall be pardoned by Allah. Allah is Forgiving, MostMerciful.
  40. Do you not know that to Allah belongs the Kingdom of theheavens and the earth? He punishes whom He will and forgives whom He will.Allah has power over all things.
  41. O Messenger, do not grieve for thosewho race into disbelief; those who say with their mouth: 'We believe,' yettheir hearts did not believe, and the Jews who listen to lies and listento other nations who have not come to you. They pervert the words in theirplaces and say: 'If you are given this, accept it; if not, then beware!'Whomsoever Allah wishes to try, you will not own anything with Allahconcerning him. For those whose hearts Allah does not will to purify shallbe disgrace in this world and a grievous punishment in the EverlastingLife.
  42. They are listeners to lies and devourers of the unlawful. If theycome to you, judge between them or turn away from them. If you avoid themthey cannot harm you in anything; but if you judge, judge between themwith fairness. Allah loves the just.
  43. But how will they come to you forjudgment when they already have the Torah in which is the judgement ofAllah? Then they turn away after that; those are not believers.
  44. We havesent down the Torah in which there is guidance and light by which thesubmissive prophets judged the Jews, as did the rabbis and those of theirLord, guarding what they were required to of the Book of Allah, and forwhich they were witness. Do not fear people, but fear Me. And, do not takea small price for My verses. Those who do not judge with what Allah hassent down are the unbelievers.
  45. We have written for them a life for alife, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth fora tooth, and for wounds equal retaliation, but whosoever forgoes it as afreewill offering, it will be an expiation for him. Whoever does not judgeaccording to what Allah has sent down are the harmdoers.
  46. And We sent,following in their footsteps (Prophet) Jesus, the son of Mary, confirmingthat which was before him in the Torah, and gave him the Gospel, in whichthere is guidance and light, confirming that which was before him in theTorah, a guide and an admonition to the cautious.
  47. Therefore, let thepeople of Gospel judge in accordance with that which Allah has sent in it.Those who do not judge according to that which Allah has sent down are theevildoers.
  48. And to you We have revealed the Book with the truthconfirming the Book that was revealed before it, and a guardian over it.Therefore, give judgment among them in accordance to what Allah has sentdown and do not yield to their fancies from the truth that has come toyou. We have ordained a law and a Path for each of you. Had Allah willed,He could have made you one nation but that He might try you by that whichHe has bestowed upon you. Race with one another in good works, to Allahyou shall all return and He will declare to you what you were at variance.
  49. And judge among them in accordance to that which Allah has sent downand do not be led by their desires. Take heed lest they should turn youaway from a part of that which Allah has sent to you. If they reject yourjudgment, know that Allah wants to scourge them for some of their sins.Many of the people are wrongdoers.
  50. Is it pagan laws that they wish tobe judged by? Who is a better judge than Allah for a nation whose beliefis firm?
  51. Believers, take neither Jews nor Nazarenes for your guides.They are guides of one another. Whosoever of you takes them for a guideshall become one of their number. Allah does not guide the wrongdoers.
  52. You see those in whose hearts is sickness racing with one another to cometo them. They say: 'We fear lest a change of fortune should befall us.'May Allah bring victory or make known His ordinance, then, they shallregret what they had hidden in themselves.
  53. Then the believers will say:'Are those (the ones) who solemnly swore by Allah that they would stand byyou?' Their works will be annulled and they shall be the losers.
  54. Believers, whosoever of you turns from his religion, Allah will bring anation whom He loves and they love Him, humble towards the believers andstern towards the unbelievers, striving for the Path of Allah and fearlessof anyone's blame. Such is the Bounty of Allah; He bestows it on whom Hewill. He is the Embracer, the Knower.
  55. Your guide is only Allah, HisMessenger, and the believers; those who establish the prayer, pay theirobligatory charity, and bow down (in worship).
  56. Whosoever takes Allahfor a guide, His Messenger, and the believers - the party of Allah is thevictor.
  57. Believers, do not take as guides those who were given the Bookbefore you who have made of your religion a jest and a pastime, nor theunbelievers. Have fear of Allah, if you are believers.
  58. When you call toprayer, they treat it as a jest and a pastime. That is because they are apeople who have no understanding.
  59. Say: 'People of the Book, do youblame us for any reason other than that we believe in Allah and in whathas been sent down to us, and what was sent down before us, and that mostof you are evildoers?'
  60. Say: 'Shall I tell you who will receive a worserecompense from Allah than that? Those whom Allah has cursed and with whomHe is angry, and made some of them apes and swine, and those who worshipthe devil. The place of these is worse, and they have strayed further fromthe Right Path.'
  61. When they came to you they said: 'We are believers.'Indeed, they have entered with disbelief, and so they have departed withit; Allah knows best what they conceal.
  62. You see many of them race withone another in sin and transgression and devour the unlawful. Evil is whatthey do.
  63. Do those of the Lord and the rabbis not forbid them to speaksinfully and to devour what is unlawful? Evil indeed is what they weredoing.
  64. The Jews say: 'The Hand of Allah is chained.' Their own handsare chained! And they are cursed for what they said! Rather, His Hands areboth outstretched, He spends as He will. That which Allah has sent down toyou will surely increase the tyranny and disbelief of many of them. Wehave stirred among them enmity and hatred up until the Day ofResurrection. Whenever they kindle the fire of war, Allah extinguishes it.They spread corruption in the land, and Allah does not love those whocorrupt.
  65. If the People of the Book had believed and kept from evil, Wewould pardon them their sins and admit them to the Gardens of Delight.
  66. If they had established the Torah and the Gospel and what was sent down tothem from their Lord they would be eating from above them and from beneaththeir feet. Some of them are a righteous nation; but many of them - evilis what they do.
  67. O Messenger, deliver what is sent down to you fromyour Lord; if you do not, you will not have conveyed His Message. Allahprotects you from the people. Allah does not guide the nation, theunbelievers.
  68. Say: 'People of the Book, you are not upon anything untilyou establish the Torah and the Gospel and that which is sent down to youfrom your Lord.' And that which is sent down to you (Prophet Muhammad)from your Lord will surely increase the tyranny and disbelief of many ofthem. But do not grieve for the unbelieving nation.
  69. Those who believe,Jews, Sabaeans, and Nazarenes - whoever believes in Allah and the Last Dayand does good shall neither fear, nor shall they sorrow (as long as theydo not reject any of the prophets).
  70. We took a covenant with theChildren of Israel and sent forth Messengers to them. But whenever aMessenger came to them with that which did not suit their fancies theybelied some and killed others.
  71. They thought there would be no trial; sothey were blind and deaf. Then Allah turned towards them; then again manyof them were blind and deaf. And Allah is the Seer of what they do.
  72. Theunbelievers are those who say: 'Allah is the Messiah, the son of Mary.'But the Messiah said: 'Children of Israel, worship Allah, my Lord and yourLord.' He who associates anything with Allah, Allah has indeed forbiddenParadise to him, and his abode shall be in the Fire. The harmdoers shallhave no helpers.
  73. Indeed those who say: 'Allah is the third of theTrinity' became unbelievers. There is but One God. If they do not desistin what they say, a painful punishment will afflict those of them thatdisbelieve.
  74. Will they not turn to Allah in repentance and ask Hisforgiveness? He is Forgiving, Merciful.
  75. The Messiah, the son of Mary,was not except a Messenger, other Messengers had gone before him. Hismother was in the state of sincerity, they both ate food. See how We makeplain to them Our signs. Then, see how perverted they are.
  76. Say: 'Willyou worship instead of Allah that which owns neither harm, nor benefit foryou? Allah is the Hearer, Knower.'
  77. Say: 'People of the Book! Do notexaggerate your religion, other than the truth, and do not follow thedesires of a people who went astray before, and led many astray, and,(once again) have gone astray from the Straight Path.'
  78. Those whodisbelieved of the Children of Israel were cursed by the tongue of(Prophets) David and Jesus, the son of Mary, because they disobeyed andtransgressed.
  79. They did not forbid one another from the wrongdoing theywere committing. Evil is what they were doing.
  80. You see many of themtaking the unbelievers as guides. Evil is that to which their soulsforwarded them, that Allah is angered against them, and in the punishmentthey shall live for ever.
  81. Had they believed in Allah and the Prophet(Muhammad) and that which is sent down to him, they would not have takenthem as guides. But many of them are evildoers.
  82. You will find that themost people in enmity to the believers are the Jews and idolaters, andthat the nearest in affection to the believers are those who say: 'We areNazarenes.' That is because amongst them there are priests and monks; andbecause they are not proud.
  83. When they listen to that which was sentdown to the Messenger, you will see their eyes fill with tears as theyrecognize its truth. They say: 'Lord, we believe. Write us among thewitnesses.
  84. Why should we not believe in Allah and in the truth that hascome down to us? Why should we not hope for admission among therighteous?'
  85. For their words Allah has rewarded them with Gardensunderneath which rivers flow, where they shall live for ever. Such is therecompense of the righteous.
  86. But those who disbelieve and belie Ourverses shall be the companions of Hell.
  87. Believers, do not forbid thegood things that Allah has made lawful to you. Do not transgress; Allahdoes not love the transgressors.
  88. Eat of the lawful and good things withwhich Allah has provided you. Have fear of Allah in whom you believe.
  89. Allah will not take you to account for a slip in your oaths. But He willtake you to account for the oaths which you solemnly swear. Its expiationis the feeding of ten needy (people) with such food as you normally offerto your own people; or the clothing of them; or the freeing of a slave. Hewho does not have must fast three days. That is the expiation of youroaths when you have sworn; but keep your oaths. Allah makes plain to youHis verses, in order that you are thankful.
  90. Believers, wine andgambling, idols and divining arrows are abominations from the work ofsatan. Avoid them, in order that you prosper.
  91. satan seeks to stir upenmity and hatred among you by means of wine and gambling, and to bar youfrom the remembrance of Allah and from praying. Will you not abstain fromthem?
  92. Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger. Beware; if you give no heed,know that Our Messenger's duty is only to give the clear delivery.
  93. Noblame shall be attached to those who believe and did good works in regardto any food they have eaten, so long as they ward off (the forbidden) andbelieve, and do good deeds, then they fear and believe, and again, so longas they fear and do fine deeds. Allah loves the generous.
  94. Believers,Allah will test you by means of some hunting which you can catch with yourhands and with your spears, in order that Allah knows those who fear Himin private. For he who transgresses thereafter shall be a painfulpunishment.
  95. O believers, do not kill the hunted while you are inpilgrim sanctity. Whosoever of you kills it willfully there shall be arecompense, the like of what he has slain from cattle as shall be judgedby two just men among you, an offering to reach the Ka'bah; or expiation -food for needy persons or the equivalent of that in fasting, so that hemay taste the weight of the recompense of his action. Allah has pardonedwhat is past; but whoever offends again, Allah will take vengeance on him.Allah is the Almighty, Owner of Vengeance.
  96. Made lawful to you is thefished of the sea and its food, an enjoyment for you and for travelers.But you are forbidden the hunted of the land whilst you are on pilgrimage.Have fear of Allah, before whom you shall all be assembled.
  97. Allah hasmade the Ka'bah the Sacred House, as an establishment for people; and theSacred Month, and the offering, and the necklaces, in order that you knowthat Allah has knowledge of all that is in the heavens and the earth; andthat Allah has knowledge of all things.
  98. Know that Allah is Stern inretribution, and that Allah is the Forgiver and the Most Merciful.
  99. Theduty of the Messenger is only the delivery (of the Message). Allah knowswhat you reveal and what you hide.
  100. Say: 'The evil and the good are notalike, even if the abundance of evil pleases you. Have fear of Allah, youwho are possessed of minds, in order that you prosper.'
  101. Believers, donot ask about things that if they appeared to you, would only upset you;but if you ask about them when the Koran is being sent down, they shall bemade plain to you. Allah will pardon it; Allah is Forgiving, Clement.
  102. A nation asked about them before you, and with it they became unbelievers.
  103. Allah has not made cattle, a slit eared she-camel, nor a freelygrazing she-camel, nor a she-camel that bore twins, nor an uncastratedcamel (dedicated to idols), but those who disbelieve invent lies againstAllah. Most of them do not understand.
  104. When it is said to them: 'Cometo that which Allah has sent down, and to the Messenger,' they reply:'Sufficient for us is what we have found our fathers upon,' even thoughtheir fathers knew nothing and were not guided.
  105. Believers, look afteryour own souls, he who goes astray cannot harm you if you are guided. Youshall all return to Allah, and He will inform you of what you have done.
  106. Believers, if you are traveling in the land and the affliction ofdeath befalls you, at the bequeathing testimony shall be two just men fromamong you, or two others from other than you. You shall detain both afterthe prayer, and they shall swear by Allah if you are doubtful: 'We willnot sell it for a price, even though it were a near kinsmen, nor will wehide the testimony of Allah, because then we would surely be among thesinful.'
  107. But if it is discovered that both of them have been subjectto sinning, then two others shall stand in their place, these being thenearest of those most concerned, and they shall swear by Allah: 'Ourtestimony is truer than their testimony, and we have not transgressed,because then we would surely be among the harmdoers.'
  108. So it islikelier that they will bear testimony in proper form, or else they willbe afraid that oaths may be rejected after their oaths. Fear Allah, andlisten; Allah does not guide the people of the evildoers.
  109. On a Day,Allah will gather all the Messengers and ask them: 'How were youanswered?' They will reply: 'We have no knowledge, You are the Knower ofthe unseen.'
  110. When Allah said: '(Prophet) Jesus, son of Mary, rememberthe favor upon you and on your mother; how I strengthened you with theHoly Spirit (Gabriel), to speak to people in your cradle and of age (whenhe descends and dies); how I taught you the Book and Wisdom, the Torah andthe Gospel; and how, by My permission, you fashioned from clay thelikeness of a bird, and breathed into it so that, by My permission, itbecame a living bird. How, by My permission, you healed the blind man andthe leper, and by My permission you brought the dead forth; and how Iprotected you from the Children of Israel when you brought them clearsigns; whereupon the unbelievers among them said: "This is nothing butplain magic".
  111. When I revealed to the disciples to believe in Me and inMy Messenger they replied: "We believe, bear witness that we submit."
  112. When the disciples said: 'O (Prophet) Jesus, son of Mary, can your Lordsend down to us a table from heaven?' He replied: 'Have fear of Allah, ifyou are believers.'
  113. 'We wish to eat of it,' they said, 'so that we cansatisfy our hearts and know that what you said to us is true, and that webecome witnesses to it.'
  114. 'Allah, our Lord,' said (Prophet) Jesus, theson of Mary, 'send down upon us a table out of heaven, that shall be afestival for us - the first and the last of us - and a sign from You. Andprovide for us; You are the Best of providers.'
  115. Allah replied: 'I amsending it to you. But whoever of you disbelieves thereafter I shallpunish him with a punishment that I do not punish anyone from the worlds.'
  116. And when Allah said: '(Prophet) Jesus, son of Mary, did you ever sayto the people: "Take me and my mother for two gods, other than Allah?"'Exaltations to You,' he said, 'how could I say that to which I have noright? If I had said that, You would have surely known. You know what isin my self, but I do not know what is in Yours. Indeed, You are theKnowledgeable of the unseen.
  117. I spoke to them of nothing except thatwhich You ordered me, that you worship Allah, my Lord and our Lord. Iwitnessed them whilst living in their midst and ever since You took me toYou, You have been the Watcher over them. You are the Witness ofeverything.
  118. If You punish them (for their disbelief), they surely areYour subjects; and if You forgive them, surely You are the Almighty, theWise.'
  119. Allah will say: 'This is the Day the truthful shall benefit bytheir truthfulness. They shall live for ever in Gardens underneath whichrivers flow. Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him.That is the great winning.'
  120. To Allah belongs the Kingdom of theheavens and the earth and what is in them. He has power over all things.
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