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English translation of holy Quran - surah 3. The Family of 'Imran - Aali 'Imran of 114

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3. The Family of 'Imran - Aali 'Imran

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. AlifLaamMeem.
  2. Allah! There is no god except He, the Living, theEverlasting.
  3. He has sent down to you the Book with the truth, confirmingwhat preceded it; and He has sent down the Torah and the Gospel (ofProphet Jesus which has been lost)
  4. before, as a guidance for people, andHe sent down the Criterion. As for those who disbelieve in the verses ofAllah, for them is an intense punishment. Allah is Mighty, Owner ofVengeance.
  5. Nothing on earth or in heaven is hidden from Allah.
  6. It isHe who shapes you in your mothers' wombs as He wills. There is no godexcept Him, the Almighty, the Wise.
  7. It is He who has sent down to youthe Book. Some of its verses are precise in meaning - they are thefoundation of the Book - and others obscure. Those whose hearts areswerving with disbelief, follow the obscure desiring sedition and desiringits interpretation, but no one knows its interpretation except Allah.Those who are well-grounded in knowledge say: 'We believe in it, it is allfrom our Lord. And none remember except those who are possessed of minds.
  8. Lord, do not cause our hearts to swerve after You have guided us. Grantus Your Mercy. You are the Embracing Giver.
  9. Lord, You will surely gatherall the people for a Day that will come in which there is no doubt.' Allahwill not break His promise.
  10. Those who disbelieve, neither their richesnor their children shall save them from Allah. They shall become the fuelof the Fire.
  11. Like Pharaoh's people and those before them who belied Ourrevelations; Allah seized them in their sinfulness. Allah is firm ininflicting punishment.
  12. Say to those who disbelieve: 'You shall beovercome and gathered into Gehenna (Hell), an evil cradling!'
  13. Indeed,there was a sign for you in the two armies which met on the battlefield.One was fighting in the way of Allah, and another unbelieving. They (thebelievers) saw with their eyes that they were twice their own number.Allah strengthens with His victory whom He will. Surely, in that there wasa lesson for those possessed of eyes.
  14. Decorated for people are thedesires of women, offspring, and of heaped up piles of gold and silver, ofpedigree horses, cattle, and sown fields. These are the enjoyments of theworldly life, but with Allah is the best return.
  15. Say: 'Shall I tell youof a better thing than that? For the cautious with their Lord, theirsshall be Gardens underneath which rivers flow, where they shall live forever, and purified spouses, and pleasure from Allah.' Allah is watchingover His worshipers.
  16. Those are they who say: 'Lord, we believe in You,forgive us our sins and save us from the punishment of the Fire',
  17. whoare patient, truthful, obedient, and charitable, and who ask forgivenessat dawn.
  18. Allah bears witness that there is no god except He, and so dothe angels and the knowledgeable. He upholds justice - there is no godexcept He, the Mighty, the Wise.
  19. The only religion with Allah is Islam(submission). Those to whom the Book was given disagreed among themselvesonly after knowledge had been given to them being insolent amongthemselves. He who disbelieves the verses of Allah - indeed Allah is Swiftin reckoning.
  20. If they argue with you, say: 'I have submitted my face toAllah and so have those who follow me.' To those who have received theBook (Jews and Nazarenes) and to the ignorant, ask: 'Have you submittedyourselves to Allah?' If they became Muslims they were guided, if theyturn away, then your only duty is to warn them. Allah is watching over allHis worshipers.
  21. Those who disbelieve the verses of Allah and slay theProphets unjustly, and slay those who bid to justice - give them the gladtidings of a painful punishment!
  22. Their works shall be annulled in thisworld and in the Everlasting Life, and there shall be none to help them.
  23. Have you not seen those who have received a portion of the Book beingcalled to the Book of Allah, that it might judge between them, and someturned away, swerving aside.
  24. For they say: 'The Fire will not touch usexcept for a certain number of days.' And the lies they forged havedeluded them in their religion.
  25. How will it be when We gather them fora Day in which there is no doubt, when every soul will be given what ithas earned and they will not be wronged?
  26. Say: 'O Allah, Owner of theKingdom. You give the kingdom to whom You will, and take it away from whomYou will, You exalt whom You will and abase whom You will. In Your Hand isgood, You have power over all things.
  27. You cause the night to enter intothe day, and the day to enter into the night. You bring forth the livingfrom the dead and the dead from the living. You provide without reckoningto whom You will.'
  28. The believers should not take the unbelievers asguides in preference to the believers - he who does this does not belongto Allah in anything, unless you have a fear of them. Allah warns you tobe cautious of Him, the arrival is to Allah.
  29. Say: 'Whether you hidewhat is in your hearts or reveal it, Allah knows it. He knows all that isin the heavens and earth and has power over all things.'
  30. The Day thatevery soul shall find what it has done of good brought forward, and whatit has done of evil, it will wish if there were only a far space betweenit and that (Day). Allah warns you to be wary of Him; and Allah is Gentlewith His worshipers.
  31. Say (Prophet Muhammad): 'If you love Allah, followme and Allah will love you, and forgive your sins. Allah is Forgiving andMerciful.'
  32. Say: 'Obey Allah and the Messenger.' But if they turn away,then truly, Allah does not love the unbelievers.
  33. Allah chose Adam andNoah, the House of Abraham and the House of Imran above all worlds.
  34. They were the offspring of one another. Allah is Hearing, and Knowing.
  35. (Remember) when the wife of 'Imran said: 'Lord, I have vowed to You indedication that which is hidden inside me. Accept this from me. You arethe Hearer, the Knower.'
  36. And when she was delivered of her, she said:'Lord, I have given birth to her, a female' - Allah knew of what she hadgiven birth - the male is not like the female 'and I have called her Mary.Protect her and all her descendants from satan, the stoned one.'
  37. HerLord graciously accepted her. He made her grow with a fine upbringing andentrusted her to the care of Zachariah. Whenever Zachariah went to her inthe sanctuary, he found that she had provision with her. 'Mary,' he said,'how does this come to you?' 'It is from Allah,' she answered. Truly,Allah provides whomsoever He will without reckoning.
  38. ThereuponZachariah supplicated to his Lord, saying: 'Lord, give me from You a goodoffspring. You hear all prayers.'
  39. And the angels called out to him whenhe was standing in the sanctuary worshipping, saying: 'Allah gives youglad tidings of John, who shall confirm a Word from Allah. He shall be amaster and chaste, a Prophet and from the righteous.'
  40. He said: 'Lord,how shall I have a son when I am overtaken by old age and my wife isbarren?' He said: 'Even so, Allah does what He will.'
  41. He said: 'Lord,appoint for me a sign.' He said: 'Your sign is that you shall not speak topeople except by signs for three days.' And remember your Lord abundantly,exalt Him in the evening and at the dawn.'
  42. And when the angels said toMary: 'Allah has chosen you and purified you. He has chosen you above allwomen of the worlds.
  43. Mary, be obedient to your Lord, prostrate and bowwith those who bow.'
  44. This is from the news of the unseen. We reveal itto you (Prophet Muhammad). You were not present when they cast theirquills to see which of them should look after Mary, nor were you presentwhen they were disputing.
  45. When the angels said: 'O Mary, Allah givesyou glad tidings of a Word (Be) from Him, whose name is Messiah, Jesus,the son of Mary. He shall be honored in this world and in the EverlastingLife - and he shall be among those who are close.
  46. He shall speak topeople in his cradle and when he is aged, and shall be among therighteous.'
  47. 'Lord,' she said, 'how can I bear a child when no humanbeing has touched me?' He replied: 'Such is the Will of Allah. He createswhom He will. When He decrees a thing, He only says: "Be," and it is.
  48. He will teach him the Book, the Wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel,
  49. to bea Messenger to the Children of Israel, (saying): "I have come to you witha sign from your Lord. From clay, I will create for you the likeness of abird. I shall breathe into it and by the permission of Allah, it shall bea bird. I shall heal the blind, and the leper, and raise the dead to lifeby the permission of Allah. I shall tell you what you ate and what youstore in your houses. Surely, that will be a sign for you, if you arebelievers.
  50. Likewise confirming the Torah that has been before me and tomake lawful to you some of the things you have been forbidden. I bring youa sign from your Lord, therefore, fear Allah and obey me.
  51. Allah is myLord and your Lord, therefore, worship Him. This is the Straight Path".'
  52. When (Prophet) Jesus felt their disbelief, he said: 'Who will be myhelpers in the way of Allah?' The disciples replied: 'We are the helpersof Allah. We believe in Allah. Bear witness that we are submitters(Muslims).
  53. Lord, we have believed in what You sent down and followedthe Messenger. Write us among Your witnesses.'
  54. They devised, and Allahdevised. And Allah is the Best Devisor.
  55. Allah said: ' (Prophet) Jesus,I will take you to Me and will raise you to Me, and I will purify you fromthose who disbelieve. I will make your followers (who died before ProphetMuhammad) above those who disbelieve till the Day of Resurrection. Then,to Me you shall all return, and I shall judge between you as to that youwere at variance.
  56. As for those who disbelieve, I will sternly punishthem in this world and in the Everlasting Life, there shall be none tohelp them.
  57. As for those who believe and do good works, He will pay themtheir wages in full. Allah does not love the harmdoers.
  58. This, We reciteto you of the verses and the Wise Remembrance.
  59. Truly, the likeness of(Prophet) Jesus with Allah, is as the likeness of Adam, He created himfrom dust then He said to him "Be" and he was.
  60. The truth is from yourLord, therefore, do not be among the doubters.
  61. Those who dispute withyou concerning him after the knowledge has come to you, say: 'Come, let usgather our sons and your sons, our womenfolk and your womenfolk, ourselvesand yourselves. Then let us humbly pray, so lay the curse of Allah uponthe ones who lie.'
  62. This is indeed the truthful narration. There is nogod except Allah. It is Allah who is the Almighty, the Wise.
  63. If theyturn away, Allah knows the evildoers.
  64. Say: 'People of the Book, let uscome to a common word between us and you that we will worship none exceptAllah, that we will associate none with Him, and that none of us takeothers for lords besides Allah.' If they turn away, say: 'Bear witnessthat we are Muslims.'
  65. People of the Book, why do you dispute aboutAbraham when both the Torah and the Gospel were not sent down till afterhim? Have you no sense?
  66. Indeed, you have disputed about that which youhave knowledge. Why then dispute about that of which you have noknowledge? Allah knows and you do not know.
  67. No, Abraham was neither aJew nor a Nazarene. He was of pure faith, a submitter (Muslim). He wasnever of the idolaters.
  68. Surely, the people who are nearest to Abrahamare those who followed him, and this Prophet (Muhammad), and those whobelieve. Allah is the Guardian of the believers.
  69. Some of the People ofthe Book wish to make you go astray, but they lead none astray exceptthemselves, though they do not sense it.
  70. People of the Book! Why do youdisbelieve the verses of Allah while you are witness?
  71. People of theBook! Why do you confound truth with falsehood, and knowingly hide thetruth?
  72. Some of the People of the Book say: 'Believe in that which issent down to those who believe at the beginning of the day and disbelieveat the end of it, so that they will return.
  73. Believe none except thosewho follow your own religion.' Say: 'The true guidance is the Guidance ofAllah - that anyone should be given the like of what you have been given,or dispute with you before your Lord.' Say: 'Bounty is in the Hand ofAllah.' He gives it to whomsoever He will. Allah is the Embracer, theKnower.
  74. He singles out for His Mercy whom He will. And Allah is ofabundant bounty.
  75. Among the People of the Book there are some, who, ifyou trust him with a Qintar (98,841.6. lbs.), will return it to you, andthere are others, who, if you trust him with a dinar will not hand it backunless you stand over him, for they say: 'As for the common people, theyhave no recourse to us.' They say lies against Allah while they know.
  76. Rather, those who keep their promise and fear Allah - Allah loves thecautious.
  77. Those who sell the promise of Allah and their own oaths for alittle price shall have no share in the Everlasting Life. Allah willneither speak to them, nor look at them, nor purify them on the Day ofResurrection. Theirs shall be a painful punishment.
  78. And there is a sectamong them who twist their tongues with the Book, so you will think it isfrom the Book, whereas it is not from the Book. They say: 'This is fromAllah,' whereas it is not from Allah. And they knowingly tell lies againstAllah.
  79. No human to whom Allah has given the (Holy) Book, Judgement andProphethood would say to the people: 'Be worshipers of me, other thanAllah.' But rather, 'Be of the Lord, for that you teach the Book, and inthat you have studied.'
  80. Nor would he order you to take the angels andthe Prophets for lords, what, would he order you with disbelief after youwere submitters (Muslims)!
  81. And when Allah took the covenant of theProphets: 'That I have given you of the Book and Wisdom. Then there shallcome to you a Messenger (Muhammad) confirming what is with you, you shallbelieve in him and you shall support him to be victorious, do you agreeand take My load on this?' They answered: 'We do agree.' Allah said: 'Thenbear witness, and I will be with you among the witnesses.'
  82. Whosoeverturns back after that, they are the transgressors.
  83. Are they seeking areligion other than that of Allah, and to Him whosoever is in the heavensand the earth has submitted willingly and unwillingly. To Him they shallbe returned.
  84. Say: 'We believe in Allah and in what is sent down to usand in that which was sent down to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and thetribes, and in that which was given to (Prophets) Moses and Jesus, and theProphets from their Lord. We do not differentiate between any of them. ToHim we are submitters (Muslims).'
  85. He who chooses a religion other thanIslam, it will not be accepted from him, and in the Everlasting Life hewill be among the losers.
  86. How shall Allah guide a people who lapse intodisbelief after they believed and bore witness that the Messenger is true,and after receiving clear proofs! Allah does not guide the harmdoers.
  87. Those, their recompense shall be the curse of Allah, the angels, and allthe people
  88. there they shall live for ever. Their punishment shall notbe lightened, nor shall they be given respite.
  89. Except those whoafterwards repent and mend their ways, Allah is Forgiving and the MostMerciful.
  90. Indeed those who disbelieve after they have believed andincrease in disbelief, their repentance shall not be accepted. These arethose who are astray.
  91. As for those who disbelieve and die unbelievers,there shall be not accepted from anyone of them, the whole earth full ofgold, if he would ransom himself thereby. Those, for them there is apainful punishment, and none shall help them.
  92. You shall not attainrighteousness until you spend of what you love. Whatever you spend isknown to Allah.
  93. All food was lawful to the Children of Israel exceptwhat Israel forbade himself before the Torah had been sent down. Say:'Bring the Torah and recite it, if you are truthful.'
  94. Those who afterthis invent lies about Allah are harmdoers.
  95. Say: 'Allah has said thetruth. Follow the Creed of Abraham, he was of pure faith, and not anidolater.'
  96. The first House ever to be built for people was that atBakkah (Mecca) blessed and a guidance for the worlds.
  97. In it, there areclear signs; the station where Abraham stood. Whoever enters it let him besafe. Pilgrimage to the House is a duty to Allah for all who can make thejourney. And whosoever disbelieves, Allah is Rich, independent of all theworlds.
  98. Say: 'People of the Book, why do you disbelieve the verses ofAllah? Surely, Allah is witness to all that you do.'
  99. Say: 'People ofthe Book, why do you bar he who believes from the Path of Allah and seekto make it crooked, when you yourselves are witnesses? Allah is notinattentive of what you do.'
  100. Believers, if you obey a sect of thosewho were given the Book, they will turn you into unbelievers after youhave believed.
  101. How can you disbelieve when the verses of Allah arerecited to you and His Messenger is among you! He who holds fast to Allahshall be guided to the Straight Path.
  102. Believers, fear Allah as Heshould be feared, and do not die except as Muslims.
  103. And hold fast tothe Bond of Allah, together, and do not scatter. Remember the Favor ofAllah bestowed upon you when you were enemies, and how He united yourhearts, so that by His Favor you became brothers. And how He saved youfrom the Pit of Fire when you were on the brink of it. And so Allah makesplain to you His verses, in order that you will be guided.
  104. Let therebe one nation of you that shall call to righteousness, ordering honor, andforbidding dishonor. Those are the prosperous.
  105. Do not follow theexample of those who became divided and differed with one another afterclear proofs had come to them. For those, there is a great punishment.
  106. The Day when faces will be whitened and faces blackened. To those whosefaces have become blackened it will be said: 'Did you disbelieve after youhad believed? Then taste the punishment for that you disbelieved!'
  107. Asfor those whose faces will be whitened, they shall be in the Mercy ofAllah for ever.
  108. Such are the verses of Allah, We recite them to youwith truth. Allah does not want injustice for the worlds.
  109. To Allahbelongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. To Him all matters shallreturn.
  110. You are the best nation ever to be brought forth for people.You order honor and forbid dishonor, and you believe in Allah. Had thePeople of the Book believed, it would have surely been better for them.Some of them are believers, but most of them are evildoers.
  111. They willnot harm you except a little hurt. And if they fight against you, theywill turn their backs. Then they will not be victorious.
  112. Abasementshall be pitched upon them wherever they are found, except they are in abond from Allah, and a bond of the people. They have incurred the Anger ofAllah and have been humiliated, because they disbelieved the verses ofAllah and unjustly slew His Prophets and because they disobeyed and weretransgressors.
  113. Yet they are not all alike. There are among the Peopleof the Book an upstanding nation that recite the verses of Allah (theKoran) throughout the night and prostrate themselves,
  114. who believe inAllah and the Last Day, who order honor and forbid dishonor and race ingood works. These are the righteous.
  115. Whatever good they do, for themit shall not be denied. Allah knows the cautious.
  116. As for those whodisbelieve, neither their riches nor their children shall help them athing from Allah. They are the people of the Fire, and there they shallremain for ever.
  117. The wealth they spend in this worldly life is like afreezing wind that smites the harvest of a people who have wrongedthemselves and destroys it. Allah has not wronged them, but they wrongedthemselves.
  118. Believers, do not take intimates with other than your own.They spare nothing to ruin you, they yearn for you to suffer. Hatred hasalready shown itself from their mouths, and what their chests conceal isyet greater. Indeed, We have made clear to you the signs, if youunderstand.
  119. There you are loving them, and they do not love you. Youbelieve in the entire Book. When they meet you they say: 'We, believe.'But when alone, they bite their finger-tips at you out of rage. Say: 'Diein your rage! Allah has knowledge of what is in your chests.'
  120. When youare touched with good fortune, they grieve, but when evil befalls you,they rejoice. If you are patient and cautious, their guile will never harmyou. Allah encompasses what they do.
  121. And when you went out at dawnfrom your family to lodge the believers in their positions for the battle.Allah is Hearing, Knowing.
  122. Two parties of you were about to fail,though Allah was their Guardian, and in Allah believers put all theirtrust.
  123. And Allah most assuredly helped you at Badr when you werehumiliated. Therefore, fear Allah, in order that you will give thanks toHim.
  124. When you said to the believers: 'Is it not enough for you thatyour Lord should reinforce you with three thousand angels sent down uponyou?
  125. Rather, if you have patience and are cautious, and they suddenlycome against you, your Lord will reinforce you with five thousand markedangels.'
  126. Allah did not make this to be except as glad tidings for you,so that your hearts might be comforted. Victory comes only from Allah, theMighty, the Wise.
  127. And that He might cut off a part of those whodisbelieve or suppress them, so that they will turn back, disappointed.
  128. No part of the matter is yours whether He turns towards them orpunishes them. They are harmdoers.
  129. To Allah belongs all that is in theheavens and the earth. He forgives whom He will and punishes whom He will.Allah is Forgiving, the Most Merciful.
  130. Believers, do not consumeusury, doubled and redoubled, and fear Allah, in order that you shallprosper.
  131. Guard yourselves against the Fire prepared for unbelievers.
  132. Obey Allah and the Messenger in order to be subjected to mercy.
  133. And hasten to a forgiveness from your Lord and a Paradise as wide asheaven and earth, prepared for the cautious
  134. who spend in prosperityand in adversity, for those who curb their anger and those who forgivepeople. And Allah loves the charitable
  135. and those who, if they commitindecency or wrong themselves remember Allah and ask forgiveness of theirsins - for who but Allah forgives sins - and those who do not persist inwhat they do while they know.
  136. Those, their recompense is forgivenessfrom their Lord and Gardens underneath which rivers flow, where they shalllive for ever. How excellent is the wage of those who labor.
  137. Therehave been examples before you. Journey in the land and see what was thefate of the liars.
  138. This is a declaration to the people, a guidance andan admonition to the cautious.
  139. Do not be weak, neither sorrow whileyou are the upper ones, if you are believers.
  140. If a wound touches you,a similar wound already has touched the nation. Such days We alternatebetween the people so that Allah knows those who believe, and that He willtake witnesses from among you, for Allah does not love the harmdoers,
  141. and so that Allah will examine those who believe and efface theunbelievers.
  142. Did you suppose that you would enter Paradise withoutAllah knowing those of you who struggled and who were patient?
  143. Youused to wish for death before you met it, so you have seen it while youwere looking.
  144. Muhammad is not except a Messenger; Messengers havepassed away before him. If he dies or is killed, will you turn about onyour heels? And he who turns on his heels will not harm Allah a thing.Allah will recompense the thankful.
  145. It is not for any soul to dieexcept by the permission of Allah - a postponed book - and he who desiresthe reward of this world, We shall give him of it, and he who desires thereward of the Everlasting Life, We shall give him of it. And We willrecompense the thankful.
  146. There has been many a Prophet with whom manyof the Lord have fought and they did not faint when they were smitten inthe way of Allah, neither did they weaken, nor did they humble themselves,and Allah loves the patient.
  147. Their only words were: 'Lord, forgive usour sins and that we exceeded in our affair, make us firm of foot and giveus victory over the unbelievers.'
  148. And Allah gave them the reward ofthis life, and the best reward of the Everlasting Life. Allah loves thegood-doers.
  149. Believers, if you obey those who disbelieve they will turnyou upon your heels and you will turn to be losers.
  150. But Allah is yourSponsor. He is the Best of victors.
  151. We will throw terror into thehearts of those who disbelieve. For that they have associated with Allahthat which He did not send down for a proof. Fire shall be their home,evil indeed is the dwelling-place of the harmdoers.
  152. Allah has beentrue in His promise towards you when you routed them by His leave, untilyou lost heart, and quarreled about the matter, and disobeyed, after Hehad shown you that which you loved. Some among you wanted the world, andsome among you wanted the Everlasting Life. Then He made you turn awayfrom them in order to test you. But He has forgiven you, for Allah isBounteous to the believers.
  153. And when you were going up, and paid noheed for anyone, and the Messenger was calling you from behind; so Herewarded you with grief upon grief that you might not sorrow for whatescaped you neither for what smote you. And Allah is Aware of what you do.
  154. Then, after sorrow, He sent down upon you safety. Slumber overtook aparty, while another party cared only for themselves, thinking of Allahthoughts that were not true, the guess of ignorance, saying: 'Have we anysay in the affair?' Say: 'The entire affair belongs to Allah.' Theyconceal in themselves what they do not disclose to you. They say: 'If wehad any say in the affair we should not have been killed here.' Say: 'Hadyou stayed in your homes, those of you for whom slaying was written wouldhave come out to their (death) beds so that Allah might try what was inyour chests and that He will examine what is in your hearts.' And Allahknows the innermost of the chests.
  155. Those of you who turned away on theday when the two armies met must have been seduced by satan on account ofsome of what they had earned. But Allah has pardoned them. He is Forgivingand Clement.
  156. Believers, do not be as those who disbelieve and say oftheir brothers when they journey in the land or go of to battle: 'Had theystayed with us, they would not have died, nor would they have beenkilled.' In order that Allah will make that a regret in their hearts.Allah revives and causes to die. He has knowledge of what you do.
  157. Ifyou should be killed in the way of Allah or die, the Forgiveness and Mercyfrom Allah would surely be better than all you amass.
  158. And if you dieor are killed, before Allah you shall all be gathered.
  159. It was by thatMercy of Allah that you (Prophet Muhammad) dealt so leniently with them.Had you been harsh and hard-hearted, they would have surely deserted you.Therefore, pardon them and ask forgiveness for them. Take counsel withthem in the matter and when you are resolved, put your trust in Allah.Allah loves those who trust.
  160. If Allah helps you, none can overcomeyou. If He forsakes you, who then can help you after Him? Therefore, inAllah let the believers put all their trust.
  161. It is not for a Prophetto defraud, whosoever defrauds shall bring that fraud on the Day ofResurrection. Then, every soul shall be paid in full what it has earned,and they shall not be wronged.
  162. Is he who follows the pleasure of Allahlike he who is laden with the Anger of Allah, Gehenna (Hell) shall be hisshelter. Evil shall be his return!
  163. They are in ranks with Allah. Allahsees what they do.
  164. Allah has surely been gracious to the believerswhen He sent among them a Messenger from themselves to recite to them Hisverses, to purify them, and to teach them the Book and the Wisdom(prophetic sayings), though before that they were in clear error.
  165. Why,when an affliction hits you and that you had yourselves inflicted twicethe like of it, you said: 'How is this?' Say: 'This is from your ownselves.' Surely, Allah has power over all things.
  166. What hit you the daythe two armies met was by the permission of Allah, so that He might knowthe believers
  167. and that He might know the hypocrites.' When it was saidto them: 'Come, fight or repel in the way of Allah.' They replied: 'Ifonly we knew how to fight, we would follow you.' On that day, they werenearer to disbelief than belief. They said with their mouths what was notin their hearts. And Allah knows what they hide.
  168. Who said to theirbrothers - and they themselves had stayed behind - 'Had they obeyed us,they would not have been killed.' Say to them: 'Avert death fromyourselves then, if what you say is true!'
  169. You must not think thatthose who were killed in the way of Allah are dead. But rather, they arealive with their Lord and have been provided for,
  170. rejoicing in theBounty that Allah has given to them and having glad tidings in those whoremain behind and have not joined them, for no fear shall be on themneither shall they sorrow,
  171. having glad tidings of a Favor and Bountyfrom Allah. Allah will not waste the wage of the believers.
  172. Those whoanswered Allah and the Messenger after the wound had afflicted them, forthose of them who did good and were cautious there is a great wage.
  173. Those to whom the people said: 'The people have gathered against you,therefore fear them,' but it increased them in belief and they said:'Allah is Sufficient for us. He is the Best Guardian.'
  174. So, theyreturned with the Favor and Bounty of Allah so evil did not touch them.They followed the pleasure of Allah, and Allah is of Great Bounty.
  175. That is satan frightening those whom he sponsored. So do not fear them,and fear Me, if you are believers.
  176. Do not let those who race indisbelief sadden you. They will not harm Allah a thing. Allah does notwant to give them a share in the Everlasting Life. For them is a greatpunishment.
  177. Those who buy disbelief with belief will not harm Allah athing, for them there is a painful punishment!
  178. Do not let those whodisbelieve think that what We delay is better for them. Indeed, We delayfor them only that they will increase in sin, and for them a humiliatingpunishment.
  179. Allah will not leave the believers in that which you aretill He shall distinguish the evil from the good. Allah will not let yousee the unseen. But Allah chooses from His Messengers whom He will.Therefore, believe in Allah and His Messengers, for if you believe and arecautious there shall be for you a great wage.
  180. And do not let those whoare greedy with what Allah has given them of His Bounty think it is betterfor them, but rather, it is worse for them. They will be coiled in thatwhich they were greedy on the Day of Resurrection. And to Allah belongsthe inheritance of the heavens and the earth. And Allah is Aware of whatyou do.
  181. Allah has heard the saying of those who said: 'Allah is poor,but we are rich.' We will write down what they have said, and theirslaying of the Prophets without right. And We shall say: 'Taste thepunishment of the burning.'
  182. That, is for what your hands haveforwarded. And Allah is never unjust to His worshipers.
  183. Those (theJews) who say: 'Allah has promised us that we do not believe in aMessenger unless he brings to us an offering that fire consumes.' Say:'Indeed Messengers have come to you before me with clear proofs and withthat of which you spoke. Why did you kill them, if what you say is true?'
  184. If they belie you (Prophet Muhammad), indeed other Messengers beforeyou were belied who came with clear proofs, and the Psalms, and theIlluminating Book.
  185. Every soul shall taste death. You shall be paidyour wages in full on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever is removed fromHell and is admitted to Paradise shall prosper, for the worldly life isnothing but the enjoyment of delusion.
  186. You shall be tried in yourwealth and yourselves, and you shall hear much hurt from those who weregiven the Book before you, and from those who are idolaters. But if youare patient and cautious, surely, that is of the firm affairs.
  187. WhenAllah took a covenant with those to whom the Book was given, (saying):'You shall make it clear to the people, and not conceal it.' But theythrew it behind their backs and they bought with it a little price. Evilwas what they bought.
  188. Do not think that those who rejoice in what theyhave brought and love to be praised for what they have not done - do notthink they will be secure from the punishment. And for them there is apainful punishment.
  189. To Allah belongs the Kingdom of the heavens andthe earth. Allah has Power over all things.
  190. Surely, in the creation ofthe heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, thereare signs for those with minds.
  191. Those who remember Allah whenstanding, sitting, and on their sides, and contemplate upon the creationof the heavens and the earth (saying:) 'Lord, You have not created thesein falsehood. Exaltations to You! Guard us against the punishment of theFire.
  192. Our Lord, whomsoever You admit into the Fire, You will haveabased, and the harmdoers shall have no helpers.
  193. Our Lord, we haveheard the caller calling to belief, "Believe in your Lord!" So we believe.Our Lord, forgive us our sins and acquit us of our evil deeds, and take usto You in death with the righteous.
  194. Our Lord, give us what Youpromised us by Your Messengers, and do not abase us on the Day ofResurrection. You do not break Your promise.'
  195. And indeed their Lordanswers them: 'I do not waste the labor of any that labors among you, maleor female - you are from each other. And those who emigrated, and wereexpelled from their houses, those who suffered hurt in My way, and fought,and were killed - those I shall surely acquit of their evil deeds, and Ishall admit them to Gardens underneath which rivers flow.' A reward fromAllah, and Allah - with Him is the best reward.
  196. Do not let the comingand going in the land of those who disbelieve delude you;
  197. a littleenjoyment, then, their shelter is in Gehenna (Hell), an evil cradling.
  198. But for those who fear their Lord, for them shall be Gardens underneathwhich rivers flow, there they shall live for ever, a (goodly) hosting fromAllah, and that which is with Allah is better for the righteous.
  199. Thereare some among the People of the Book who believe in Allah, and in whathas been sent down to you, and what has been sent down to them, humble toAllah and do not buy with the verses of Allah a little price. Those, theirwage shall be with their Lord. Allah is Swift at reckoning.
  200. Believers,be patient, and race in patience, be steadfast, fear Allah, in order thatyou will be victorious.
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